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Bike in Goyangyi

Bike in Goyangyi

“ … If you have not tried a trip like this, you would not have experienced this kind of feeling. I am very happy. I will try to join a trip like this again…”


A Ngwe Saung – Goyangyi CBT bike trip, left from Yangon on 12 January, successfully ended its destination.


Although named as a bike trip, it was not only biking groups which joined the trip. Besides bikers who were eager to contribute to community development, hikers, and other interested participants from different ages also actively participated in the trip.


As this was the adventure trip, the road was rough with many ups and downs and curves. Dusts also made bikers hard to ride. For untrained people, it could be hardly done.


However, bikers were not exhausted and did not complain anything, but happy to be a part of the trip. For those who joined for the first time, they said it was a real adventure.


Ko Jash from Backpacks 4U did not look tired.


“If you have not tried a trip like this, you would not have experienced this kind of feeling. I am very happy. I will try to join a trip like this again,” he said.


Indeed, no matter how tough and rough the trip was, a 72 kilometers and 10 hours long trip instead became a joyous and satisfactory trip when beautiful landscapes of forest and land, coolness and wildness of coastal areas, and warmest hospitality of local people were combined.


Ma Hnin Hnin Wai from Invitation of Nature (Hiking & Mountaineering) shared her feeling at the end of the trip.

“Biking is good for health. The lives of people over there are also very interesting. There are also many beautiful natural landscapes.”

This is the spirit of CBT. Traveling through CBT will allow tourists to observe local people’s livelihood and their culture, to try local food and cuisines and at the same time to help preserve natural environment and promote local income and community development.

There were 37 bikers participated in the trip and most of them were young people. Youth participation in community development projects is very important. A trip like this will allow young people from other regions to contribute to the community as well as will motivate local young people to take part in CBT initiatives.

“I want to have more activities like this. It is very fun. I want more young people to join, so that it will be better not only for the community, but also for the country,” said Aye Thiri San from Invitation of Nature – ION Bikers Network.

This multi-organizations co-organized trip is indeed a good move for the development of Goyangyi CBT and implementation process.


It is also a good step for sustainable development of CBT through this kind of collaboration between community-led CBT initiative, regional hotel and tourism department and external organizations.

- Another Development Policy Think-Tank


Another Development would like to thank U Zaw Lin Tun, Deputy Director of Hotel and Tourism (Pathein Township), trip leaders: U Win Ko, U Myint Wai and Ko Myo Nyunt, trip sponsors: XSPORT X-FOX and Backpacks 4U, responsible representatives from Ngwe Saung Youth Network for accommodation, local communities for arranging food, and especially bikers from Two Wheels Lovers, ION – Bikers Network and Bikers Starts Cyclist – BSC and all biking lovers.